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Visium Networks is passionate about reducing your safety and security risk via innovative integrated solutions. We are unlike any other safety and security provider in Australia.


We specialise in large-scale and multi-site security projects particularly for corporations, logistics, transportation, distribution and industrial facilities. 


We specialise in smart remote guarding and the integration of site safety induction to access control with design and consulting services to ensure your spend returns the greatest result.


Highly integrated CCTV, Alarm and Access Control Networks supported by remote services over IP from our in-house, state-of-the-art video services centre.

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Dark Site Security

Thermal Security Systems require no lighting to spot and detect intruders.

There is no longer a need to have security lighting on throughout the night, adding to your power bill and carbon footprint. 

Dual Thermal + Optical Cameras require a comparatively low amount of power to visually monitor an area efficiently

Thermal Night View

Optical Day View

Remote Guard Technology and Software

Remove redundant ongoing cost with our guard replacement or reduction solutions.

Improve efficiency while removing the need for manpower on site for security purposes.

Welcome to the Future of Security 

Online Security Management


Video alarm Monitoring

Access Control

Video Managed Access