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Visium’s camera systems are predominately used in industrial health and safety management. Camera coverage of risk-prone work environments such as container parks, warehouses and industrial sites provide site management with a critical recall capability in the event of near misses or incidents.

Via our integration alliance, Visium integrates contractor and visitor management into access control technology that provides actionable contact tracing data.


Visium’s camera systems provide our customers with critical productivity and process management data. Beyond simple recall, we provide cameras that turn the real world into actionable data.
Our intelligent logistics gateways can read a vehicle license plate, sea container number, ID a driver for HSE check-in, match drivers to regos, all for chain of responsibility process control and more. Track vehicle dwell times for improved depot productivity. Match Sea container to rego for logistics data flow.


Visium is a key supplier to Lumachain, building CCTV networks supporting meat tracking. This object tracking application pieces together a specific cut of meat to its origin farm enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and impacting the investment of farmers in sustainable and ethical farming practices.


Camera networks provide a use-full tool in the event of a security incident. Of course, theft and after-hours break-ins are infrequent compared to the everyday challenges of running a business, this is why our camera networks are designed to provide a daily return on investments across an array of other application areas.


Visium Networks supplies and installs systems nationally, supporting such customers as Toll Group, Qube Logistics, JBS Australia, Lineage, Couriers Please, Hanes, Lumachain
and more.