Thermal + Optical Bi-spectrum Network Speed Dome

Thermal + Optical Bi-spectrum network speed dome can be widely applied in scenarios with low visibility, zero visible light and strong light interference. It has good performance

in large-scale scenarios such as airports, harbours, oil fields, car yards, waste and

recycling areas, etc.

Optimal for sites that have high fire risk as it can detect a rise in temperature and

issue an alarm.


Thermal Imaging Module Function

• 384*288 resolution, high sensitivity sensor, support contrast adjustment

• 24/7 long-distance surveillance, 25mm and 50mm lens optional

• 3D DNR, 14 pseudo colours adjustable, image detail enhancement

Visible light Module Function

• Ultra low light, high performance1/1.8" progressive CMOS sensor, up to 1920*1080

• Smart IR Function 
• High-performance IR array, up to 150m IR distance

Smart Function (Thermal Imaging)

• Advanced fire detection algorithm

• Powerful behaviour analysis algorithm: Line crossing, Intrusion, Region Entrance & Exit

• Smart tracking: support panorama tracking, event tracking and multi-scene patrol

tracking PTZ
• 360° endless pan range and -15°-90° tilt range
• Up to240°/s pan preset speed and 200° /s tilt preset speed
• 8 patrols, up to 32 presets per patrol

• Support proportional zoom and park action

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