Fever Thermal Camera Detection

March 24, 2020


The thermal solution is designed for preliminary temperature tests of people in high throughput areas. Alerts pick up possible fever candidates who can then be taken aside for direct personal temperature checks to confirm fever. 


With Covid-19 on the rise as well as flu season on the horizon Visium is able to bring you the latest advances in technology to help protect your staff and customers. 


How It Works


Normal Human body temperature is between 36.5 to 37.5 degrees celsius. 37.5 to 38.9 degrees is a mild fever, 39 degrees and over is a high fever. Our thermal cameras can read a temperature within 0.5 to 0.3 degrees of accuracy (dependent on your application method), meaning they can pick out any person with a likely mild to high fever, measured at a 1.5 meter distance. It is advised to install the cameras in places where people queue such as entrance foyers or doorways. 


Visium is also working on a database were the thermal data can be analysed in order to monitor the average temperatures of staff overtime. This will provide more accurate information and detection of fevers. 





This process is highly efficient. It only takes one second for the thermal camera to detect the temperature of each person and doesn't create congestion issues. 


This method requires no contact making it safe for all involved. It reads temperature from over a meter away reducing the risk of infection. 


It is a tried and true method currently being utilized by airports all over the world.


Contact Visium For Further Information


Visium has direct import availability for these fever detection thermal cameras but we expect there will be limited supplies so please contact us immediately if you have any interest.  

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