Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Made Easy

May 24, 2018


Capturing accurate license plate data use to be an expensive proposition. At around $15,000 per lane, it was technology everyone in logistics wanted, but few could afford.

Now automated license plate logging is finally not only affordable at around $2,000 + GST installed per lane, but it is also easier to use. This advancement is thanks to our new ALRP camera which easily plugs and plays into any current Visium security system.


Visium Network’s ALPR system comes off the shelf with the all in one rego capturing camera. Supported by current series network video recorders (NVR's) you can search for regos on the camera system and can overlay the text onto live and recorded lane views.



Searching Simplified 


Search for regos easily on your existing secure web interface for card, PIN and now vehicle gateway tracking and management. You can use the license plate captures to just log data, or under certain circumstances even trigger gates. 



Integration Simplified


Visium Networks ALPR solution comes with a low cost server that is capable of sending rego data to logistics management systems and other 3rd party software. Use rego data, along with card badge info to match drivers to trucks, measure dwell times and other money saving metrics.


Visium’s new rego camera plug and play solution is low cost and flexible. If you need additional features customised, development of the engineering support is also available.


If you are already a Visium customer please speak to your account manager for more information.


If you are new to Visium then please feel free to contact us for further information.


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*Installation and integration costs depend on cable runs and existing security hardware. Visium’s ALPR solution will plug and play into most current CCVT recorders (NVR’s) and Protege GX controllers.



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