Visium Safety Solutions

February 12, 2018


Rapid Global is a leading provider of workplace management software including contractor and induction management.


Visium and Rapid Global have partnered together to provide their mutual customers greater benefits.


By integrating, Visium and Rapid Global can provide unified persons onsite reporting, where customers have Visium’s hosted access control and Rapid’s ‘Rapid Access’ product for site-based visitor and contractor management.


Together Rapid Global and Visium complete the chain of responsibility across induction and site access ensuring only persons with current inductions are able to access your site. Protecting your business, your workers and your visitors.



Another key benefit is quick evacuation or emergency muster reporting. To be used in emergency situations such as fire. Visium and Rapid Global’s software works together to provide a list of all persons onsite, including staff and visitors.



Making it easier to check and confirm everyone is safe during an emergency situation. 


Visium partners with Rapid Global not just to provide software solutions but peace of mind. If you are interested in improving the safety standards of your business's site then get in Contact with Visium today.           

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