Upgrade Analogue Security Systems Easily

January 30, 2018

With Visium’s Turbo HD DVR you can now easily upgrade analogue systems for higher video performance, longer communication distances, and increased compression efficiency.  The DVR is compatible with a wide range of existing analogue systems.



You can now go from analogue to 2K video resolution while saving the money you have invested in existing cabling and infrastructure. You simply swap out the old DVR for the new Turbo HD and change over the camera heads. In the majority of older systems all other hardware, including cables for video and power supply, can simply remain as they are. This saves extensively on time and labour costs.     



The Turbo HD DVR not only ensures enhanced video performance but also supports delay free 1080p HD video up to 800m. The Power-over-Coax feature in the DVR is what makes high-definition surveillance systems possible without replacing existing cable or cameras.


The DVR also eliminates compatibility issues whenever you have to mix old and new technology. Making a system upgrade more cost effective with a simpler and faster install process.


The Turbo HD DVR has advanced compression technology that improves the encoding efficiency by up to 50% in comparison to older standards. This will dramatically reduce bit-rates while preserving optimal transmission quality and forensic detail.



This solution also has seamless compatibility with most major products from other manufacturers. This means a shorter install time and reduced costs in installation and materials.


If you are interested in a enterprise level upgrade from analogue than Contact one of our security experts at Visium today.             

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