Preventative Maintenance: Why it is Important

January 11, 2018


The purpose of a preventative maintenance visit is to ensure your security system works optimally when required.


Preventative maintenance is required as part of the Australian Standard AS2201.1 for Intruder Alarm Systems. This means that it is also necessary for insurance compliance. Visium Networks considers preventative maintenance a crucial factor in the effectiveness of your security system.


Overtime some cameras, detectors, and other system parts can stop functioning optimally if not given the proper maintenance. Your security system needs to be regularly checked to ensure every part of the system is operating and responding as it should.



One of the major effects on your security systems capabilities and function is insect and animal activity. Spider webs and bird excrement can build up over sensors and cameras making them less effective or in some cases completely ineffectual. Thus it is important to have your cameras and sensors regularly cleaned to maintain optimal picture quality and senor detection.



Having a maintenance service done 12 months after install means any hardware not performing optimally can be easily replaced before it goes out of warranty. Otherwise small problems can go unnoticed for long periods of time or until it is too late to fix easily.   


When preventative maintenance is done a technician will walk test your system and check that everything is still operating at its peak ability. Your preventative maintenance plan is based on the size of your system and budgeted for labour, any lift hire if required is payed separately.



So what is included as part of your preventative maintenance plan:

  • Camera Cleaning: We assure that all cameras are clean and operational.

  • Detector Cleaning: We assure that all detectors are clean and operational.

  • Review Control Room Reports: We review the alarm history and reports for nuisance alarms and trouble areas, and then we formulate solutions to any issues.

  • Access Control Check: We assure that all access control devices and sensors are clean and working optimally.

  • Battery Check: Make sure batteries pass a system check and they must be labelled with the battery install date.

  • 3G Failover check: We test the 3G and the main connection to the Video Control Room.

  • Public Address Check: We assure the Control Room can audio blast the site through the PA system.

  • Walk Test: We test and confirm zones and camera traps with the Video Control Room. 

  • Defect List: We list all needed repairs for the site after inspection and present them to the management of the site. Issues that are out of warranty are documented and costed for the client's consideration. 

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