Thermal Cameras to Revolutionise Dark Site Security and Early Fire Detection

December 6, 2017

Thermal camera technology has been a promising technology for many years due to its ability to observe people in complete darkness.


Combined with video analytics for intrusion detection and now thermal temperature measuring, thermal cameras can now cover two critical risk mitigation applications across both security and fire. And all out of the one camera!


Price was once the primary barrier to adoption of thermal camera technology for security applications, however, with recent manufacturing scale and adoption, the price point has dropped significantly. This is seeing thermal cameras being rolled out around large and difficult to cover sites, particularly where the installation of lighting for perimeter security is cost prohibitive.


Optimal Intruder Detection


Thermal radiation passes through visual barriers so the cameras on-board video analytics can clearly differentiate a person from the dark shadows of any site. Optical vision can be fooled in some cases by things such as camouflage, similar colours/patterns blending together, or intruders hiding behind foliage and other objects.


Due to the long night time range of thermal camera technology with video analytics, a single camera can detect intruders up to approximately 80m, meaning large site coverage at affordable prices.


An additional bonus is the ability to run perimeter and large site video alarm protection without lighting integration or the cost of burning lights all night, as was the case with conventional ‘visible light’ view cameras.


When combined with Visium’s video alarm verification services – Thermal cameras with line crossing technology provides an efficient, eco-friendly large site intrusion detection technology.


Early Fire Detection


Another great advantage of thermal cameras is their ability to be used as an advanced fire detector. Unlike other more conventional fire detectors such as smoke alarms, thermal cameras can detect a potential fire before it even takes light. Thermal cameras are optimal for the surveillance and recognition of fires inside rubbish tips, recycling plants, manufacturing warehouses, etc. A fire in these high-risk sites can be disastrous for both personnel, people in the general area and the environment. Not to mention the cost of property damage.


Video content analysis algorithms in conjunction with thermographic images from thermal cameras can detect hot spots before there is even a flame or while a flame is still relatively small, making it a more effective early warning system. With thermal cameras, you can program at what temperatures you wish to receive alarms. Conventional alarms usually require a large amount of smoke particularly on large sites before detection occurs. This can mean that fires are well established by the time fire services arrive onsite to contain the blaze. It is safer for all concerned when fires are detected early.




Visium Networks specialises in enterprise-level security solutions. If you're interested in thermal cameras for your business gets in touch with Visium Networks today.

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