Protege GX

Visium installs and supports the Protege GX system as our platform to run our integrated systems. Having a single platform allows us to support the system through a higher level of product expertise.


Protege GX is an enterprise level integrated Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and Building Automation solution. It is Modular and as such, extremely scalable. It is used to manage access control, arm/disarm, track staff movements around the site, and for many other security purposes.  


The GX system is NBN ready and will communicate over the internet or Visium's 3G SoIP connections back to our monitoring centre. Using Visium's Software, the Site Security Manager can log into the GX system securely anywhere they have an internet connection to perform management tasks. The system is easy to operate and is supported by Visium's 24/7 IT team.



Protege GX is easy to operate and simple to integrate into your business. It is highly customizable and can be set up to meet your businesses unique security needs. It will scale with your business, so as your business grows Protege GX grows with you.   


Keep track of what is happening in your business with easy reporting. Attaining the information you need is easy with Protege GX. It has a comprehensive range of built-in reports and the ability to create an unlimited number of custom reports tailored to your needs. You can have reports generated automatically at scheduled times and have them conveniently emailed to a nominated account. 


Protege GX makes it simple to track and monitor your staff, open/close schedule, doors, gates, and alarms from anywhere you have internet access. Whether that is in the office, at home or even away on holiday.       

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