Online Security Management Software

Visium provides our clients secure access to our web-based applications. This access includes online security managing software, our CCTV client, Visium's Managed Access software, and our Incident Locker software. These tools are powerful yet simply designed and easy to learn. Additionally, they are backed by our 24/7 phone support.

Visium's Managed Access Website

The Managed Access Website allows your team to securely manage after-hours access to your site in tandem with Visium's Monitoring Centre.

This manpower replacement system will allow Visium staff to verify your drivers from details you provide and manage them in and out of your premises remotely. With control over the gates and arming the yard, you can feel secure knowing your site is armed and monitored even if you have drivers showing up late.

Visium's CCTV Client Software

With Visium's CCTV client you can view live cameras, recorded footage, digital zoom, control PTZ cameras, and use Smart Search to get the very most from your CCTV system. The software is free from our website and is usable on PCs, tablets, and Smart Phones.

Protege GX

Protege GX is an enterprise level integrated Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and Building Automation solution. It is Modular and as such, extremely scalable. It is used to manage access control, arm/disarm, track staff movements around the site, and for many other security purposes. 

Incident Locker

This is one of Visium's secure web-based apps that allow you to share video footage and incident reports with staff or authorities without giving them unnecessary access to your system. Upload incident videos, stills, reports or event details as needed to easily and securely get the information you want to share to the people who need it.

Intelligent Rapid Access Integration

Access Intelligence is the new integrated system that combines Rapid Access Systems with the Protégé GX platform from Visium Networks.

Site safety and compliance starts with secure site entry and exit protocols and a tight chain of responsibility is key.  

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