Remote Guarding Technology and Software

Remove redundant ongoing cost with our guard replacement services. Our suite of management services and software can negate the need for a guard on site. 


Visium can easily replace any regular duties performed by a guard through automation and technology while also improving efficiency. 


Guards Regular Duties:


  • Manage people and vehicles on/off-site

  • Induct people onto the site

  • Take down registration numbers

  • Check security clearances

  • Grant Access to different parts of the site

  • Perform site and alarm checks 


All these duties can now be performed by technology and software.


Think of the amount of money you pay in wages to guards over a 10 year period. The amount of money to be saved with guard replacement or reduction is significant.  


Contact Visium and speak to one of our security experts about what you need to replace or reduce your guards and improve the security of your business today.   



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