Visium Fever Detection System

High accuracy bi-spectrum thermal camera reads human temperature up to 1.5M range. The solution allows hands-off temperature measurement in facility entrances ensuring efficient foot traffic throughput and saving significant money compared to manual temperature checking.

As standard, the solution reports over-temp based on global over temp threshold to alert on persons with raised temperature entering facilities. Standard reporting is via software alarm with an advanced facial recognition option that provides a range of benefits.


  • Hands off temperature measurement +/- .5 degrees with increased accuracy options including optional Black body and facial recognition.

  • Alert on mild to high fever.

  • Protect critical workplaces.

  • Suitable for Aged Care, Hospitals, Food Production, Warehouse, Logistics & Airports.

Intelligent Facial Recognition

The optional facial recognition module takes a running average of each individual's daily temperature, allowing for person by person temperature tracking.

This makes over-temperature alerting more sensitive for individuals whose body temperature is lower than average and the system less susceptible to false positives from persons whose body temperature averages on the high side of the normal range.

Over temp alerts can be sent via push app notification to management / security.

Blacklists can provide notification of persons asked to not return to site for a set quarantine period.

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