Preventative Maintenance

Australian Standards AS2201.1 requires maintenance for Intruder Alarm Systems and Insurance Compliance. The purpose of preventative maintenance is to clean cameras and detectors while testing the system for faults. Your Preventative Maintenance Plan is based on the size of your system. Each system size is budgeted for labour. Fault repairs that can be completed within the allocated time budget will be serviced. Other issues, particularly those out of warranty and requiring authorization are to be documented and costed for further client consideration.



The following items are preventative maintenance services if applicable in priority:

  • Camera Cleaning: We assure that all cameras are clean and operational.

  • Detector Cleaning: We assure that all detectors and door reeds are clean and operational.

  • Review Control Room Reports: We review the alarm history and reports for nuisance alarms and trouble areas.

  • Access Control Check: We assure that all access control devices are clean and working properly.

  • Battery Check: Batteries pass a system check and must be labelled with the battery install date.

  • 3G Failover Check: We test the 3G and the main connections to the Video Control Room. 

  • Public Address Check: We assure the Control Room can audio blast the site through the PA system.

  • Labelling Check: We check labelling as per Visium Installation Standards.

  • VU Walk Test: We test and confirm zones and camera traps with the Control Room.

  • Defect List: We list all needed repairs for the site upon inspection for the site management.       


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