Access Control

Access Control gives the site management full control over where the staff is allowed to go as well as access logs in real time. Proximity cards, smart remotes and app access can be assigned by the site management using Visium's security managing software. 


Accurate logs are kept for all gate, door and turnstile events and can be accessed 24/7 from Visium's secure online applications or through the Monitoring Centre.


Gate schedules allow versatility when programming automatic gates and turnstiles. This powerful feature is completely customisable when it comes to setting up a schedule that fits both your site's and staff's secured access needs.


Visual verification of access and use of the log as a time sheet is available for certain setups.

See a Visium Representative for more details.

Automatic Turnstiles and Gates

Visium's integrated systems can also secure your site with automatic gates and turnstiles. This provides an audit trail for staff and visitors, camera coverage for video investigation, and use of the powerful scheduling features included with our systems.

Controlled on any device

Login to Visium's Cloud Hosted Software and manage your access control securely online on any computer or smart device anywhere.

Whether you are at work, home, interstate or on holiday. Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business at all times.

Access Control App

Use your smartphone as your access credentials with Bluetooth Proximity reading or our

Access Control App, replacing the need for a card or remote.  

The app also allows approved personnel to remotely arm and disarm areas and control gates and doors.

Video Managed Access

Visium's Monitoring Center can manage your drivers in and out of your secured yard after hours with the help of our Managed Access Solutions.

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