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cctv-alarm-access control networks

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  • ZoomVideo Streaming to iPad

    Included Support


    Visium Network's systems come with 2 hours of onsite training, full online support (via support page, or email), online training videos and system documentation.

  • ZoomVideo 24x7 Support center

    Additional Support


    Visium staffs a 24/7 phone support team as well as a nation wide fleet of technicians and IT engineers. Contact your Visium representative for current service rates and support.

  • Future proof


    Visium systems are currently installed with 3 Megapixel HD cameras. As Visium releases more powerful cameras you will be able to upgrade or expand your system at any time. Visium's installed network equipment, cabling and fibre will future proof your investment for gigabit performance and beyond.


  • Warranty


    The system carries full 12 months parts and labour warranty.

    Full term (extended) parts and labour warranty available on request.

  • upgrade at any time

    Future - Upgrades

    Don't get trapped with outdated technology. You can upgrade or expand on your existing system as Visium releases more powerful cameras and technologies. We offer free consultations on both new systems and expansions to our exiting systems.