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Visium Software Downloads:


Windows PC / Laptop Software Info

Visium Networks 2.5 CCTV Client Software (Windows)



New Visium CCTV Software. The software version has been updated for superior Windows 10 support.

Zoom Video 2.2 CCTV Client Software (Windows)


Past Software Platform. supports all NVR's and cameras including 3MP and 5MP cameras. PC/Laptop iVMS-4000 Client Software V2.2 v1.03.00.50

Visium's iVMS-4000 Video Client Download

Original software, does not support new 3MP and 5MP cameras. PC/Laptop iVMS-4000 Client Software v2.03.03 Build 20101030

Visium's iVMS-4000 Full User Manual Download PC/Laptop iVMS-4000 Client Software User Manual
Quick set up for iVMS-4000 and iPhone / iPad Download This is a quick start guide for both Windows client and iPad/iPhone. Also includes how to VPN into zoomvideo network for sites on 3G.


Windows PC Tools & Utilities Info
Footage File Player Download This player is specifically made to play downloaded footage
Windows Media Player Filter Download This filter can be added to your Media Player to allow playback of downloaded footage
File Format Convertor Download This program will allow you to change the format of your downloaded footage so it can be played by Window's Media Player


Mobile Phone Software & Manuals Info
Android Client Software Android software iVMS-4500 software
Android Client Software User Manual Android Mobile Client User Manual
Blackberry Client Software Blackberry Boldsoftware iVMS-4500 software
Blackberry Client Software User Manual Blackberry Boldsoftware iVMS-4500 User Manual
Windows Mobile Client Software Windows Mobile iVMS-4500 software
Windows Mobile Client Software User Manual Windows Mobile iVMS-4500 User Manual
Apple iPhone / iPad Software on Apple iTunes IPhone iVMS software (download from app store if you run into issues installing from this link)
Apple iPhone / iPad Client Software User Manual iPhone App User Manual



Visium Training Videos


Speak to your Visium Representative for Video Training passwords.










One on One Support


Visit the Contact tab on this website to go over your technical questions with a live person. If you are currently a Visium customer you can also use the 24/7 phone number for help.

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